In the 1950's, the San Fernando Valley was a modern proving ground for visionary architects, a suburban utopia with walnut and orange groves, wide open spaces, ranches and mountain views framed by blue skies. It was an era marked by hope and fueled by dreams of what the future could be. A new breed of architects believed that people’s lives could be enriched by designing homes that were open, innovative in design and respectful of environment. Their homes embraced and exalted Southern California's year-round climate, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor living. Their designs imbued even the most modest homes with dignity and grace in their casual elegance. Then as now, modern is not a style, but a way of life.

Today, new environmental challenges, density, limited resources and need for relevant, affordable housing are center stage. A new generation of architects have built on the Ideas of their predecessors, taking on the challenges of a new generation, including energy efficiency, conservation of natural resources and changes in lifestyle and family structure. A diverse, modern palette of materials and technologies including renewable and repurposed resources, natural and engineered, all challenge conventions of aesthetic and space and offer solutions for living in the urban metropolis that is Los Angeles. 

Joined with deasy/penner&partners since its inception, Craig Terrien and Margot Tempereau are Realtors with heart and a mission to encourage the preservation and restoration of architecturally significant homes while also championing innovative design, architecture, and sustainable/green technologies for home buyers of all income levels.

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