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The Thomas E. Stimson Jr. Residence, 1954 :: Adrian Wilson, AIA


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Crosby Doe Associates

Adrian Wilson, A.l.A. Mackintosh & Mackintosh, Engineers, The Thomas E. Stimson Jr. Residence, 1954 In the Jan. 1955 issue of Popular Mechanics Magazine the West Coast Editor opened his newly built steel frame & lightweight concrete panel house to his readers. In a clear response to Entenza's Case Study Program, the residence celebrated post-war industrial technology, pre-fabricated wall modules, & was fitted with new conveniences such as an automatic aluminum garage door. The article prophetically declared: "About the only addition it may require in the next 50 years or so would be a solar battery to provide all light, heat and power" mounted on the roof! The success of the building system is evidenced with the construction, & program for the house appearing today as solid & practical as when built. Not wishing to relegate this unique experiment in living to the past, the current owners have carefully updated the kitchen, baths and surfaces in keeping with modern aesthetics.

4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2300sf, 14300sf lot

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