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Mid-Century Modern View Home :: Irving Palmquist, Architect

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Teles Properties

Agent Comments :: It's 1966 and bright young architects are creating real excitement with clean lined homes that disassemble the traditional and create inspiring new ways to blend space to site, form to function and indoors to out. In this exciting atmosphere, architect Irving E. Palmquist added the audacious spin of streaming the public areas into an octagon so every room flows seamlessly together and out to the view capturing deck or very special pool...it's visually effective, remarkably efficient and really fun! Add 3 bedrooms all open to the pool, a purists' dream of unaltered master bath with sunken tub & turquoise tile, built in bar complete with aquarium, open hearth living room fireplace, ample patio (with built-in seating), double garage + gated parking for 2 more cars and you have one unmatched mid century modern truly worthy of its name... unique and waiting to inspire the next lucky owner.

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1490sf, 8480sf lot

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